Capturing time is just the beginning of the story


Manage workforce scheduling for the entire company. Specify when employees are going on vacation, moving to new projects and more.

Ensure you have workers with the right skills on the right projects and identify needs before they become urgent.

"I love Riskcast for its simplicity. It allows me to keep a close eye on material quantities, and I can pull a range of reports in a fraction of the time it would take with most other programs."

Project Manager

“Riskcast helps our foreman and crews focus on the build and not the paperwork” 

Bowen and Kron

“Riskcast meets our guys where they are.  Our foremen find it easy to use and they love having less paperwork to deal with.  Our management team likes it because payroll data is available to us all the time, anytime, so we can be more efficient.  Overall it's been a great tool to increase productivity, enhance internal communication, and monitor our projects.”

Bjork Construction
Payroll Manager
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