Capturing time is just the beginning of the story

Job cost

Set up your project budget to track quantities, hours, and cost. View reports in real time and generate forecasts with accurate data and cost-to-complete in minutes not hours. Integrate with your accounting system to streamline manual processes and ensure everyone is working from the same information.

Time cards

Time cards built for construction allow you to work the way you do while providing the home office the information they need. Track crew and equipment hours with easy-to-use tools which support features like electronic signatures, per diem, tagging, and configurable workflow.


Manage your employee roster and certifications in one place.  Use our filter options to identify employees who’s certifications may be expiring.

Manage workforce scheduling for the entire company.  Specify when employees are going on vacation, moving to new projects, or other events such as taking furlough.  Configure notifications to inform project teams when changes happen.

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