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“Collecting time had to include the ability to manage payclass changes, quickly capture notes, tag hours for extra work and so much more. And that was just collecting time, then we wanted to create union reports, daily logs, T&M Tickets, basically use that data everywhere else it was needed. Riskcast was the only system we found that even came close.”

- Mike Rascona at E-J Electric Installation Co.
Simple to Use with Delta
“We wanted to do remote time entry avoiding double entry with the ability to get away from excel timesheets. And to deliver our team a system that is clean, not complicated, easy to drag/drop, clearly written descriptions, they love it and it’s been really successful and the most well received software we’ve implemented.”

- Brandi Zeman at Delta Constructors
Implementation & Training with Brasfield & Gorrie
“It was simple enough that we could train our field teams by video and it has been a really easy process for everyone.”

-Leah Gosdin at Brasfield & Gorrie
Real Time & Accurate for Payroll with Bowen & Kron
“Riskcast helps our foreman and crews focus on the build and not the paperwork”

- Chris Kron at Bowen & Kron
Integrated Across Systems with WE O'Neil
“The right way to build the job is to be able to see all our people on a project all on one time card and Riskcast allows us to do that.”

- Margaret Caspers at W.E. O’Neil
Reinventing Productivity Tracking with WE O'Neil

"We needed to reinvent our productivity tracking while transitioning out of paper time cards and Riskcast helped us make it easy to be successful.”

- Lance Hornaday at W.E. O’Neil
Sharing Data across Joint Ventures with WE O'Neil

"Being able to track our people within our Joint Ventures and understand what they’re doing is important to us and Riskcast gives us the ability to do that.”

- Lance Hornaday at W.E. O’Neil

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