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Riskcast is a construction management platform for the field. It enables project teams to identify, manage and forecast costs.

The vision was to create a construction analytics platform that could forecast all aspects of construction risk on a project.

At Riskcast, we're passionate about providing tools for the field that are easy to use and intuitive. We understand that as construction professionals, your focus is not managing software, but rather projects. Use Riskcast in the field so you can get back to building.



Reggie Arichabala

Twenty years of experience in the construction industry working for Skanska. Starting out as a cost engineer in the New York City area, moving into the IT space as an integration specialist and rising to the principal solutions architect at the $4B LaGuardia Airport project before leaving to pursue his vision of building solutions for the larger construction market.


Alec Thomson

Twenty years of experience in the construction industry working in various capacities. Starting out as a field engineer and eventually working in procurement before moving to Skanska's corporate office in New York. His final position on a business strategy team made it evident that he needed to find a way to pursue his passion for helping project teams solve the jobsite related problems.

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